Bigg’s Diner

“Bigg’s Diner is a 50’s inspired diner right in the heart of Naga City. Being inside Bigg’s is not only a gastronomical treat but a feast for the eyes as well. I personally enjoyed viewing all the antique knick knacks that the place has on display. We went to Bigg’s Diner for the Halo-Halo. Aside from getting Halo-Halo for the nine of us, I also ordered burgers, french fries, and a large Hawaiian Pizza. Total bill was only at around Php 1,100. Not bad for good food in a cool place, huh?”  mauie @

Conceived in 1983 by three enterprising women – Nena Bichara, Nienie Buenaflor and Maricar Manjon as a take-out window, Mang Donald’s was an instant hit among local foodie in Naga and was a pioneering business food concept that would later bring an exodus of big food names after their successes. It was a legal suit (from Mc Donald’s) that made them more popular, had their business halted and would force them to change their identity (their brand changes many times over the years from Mang Donald’s to Nalds to Carl’s Diner) and finally settling to the now known, Bigg’s Diner in 1994. The trio’s business idea was to setup a fun dining experience blending a quick service type of restaurant in a 50s inspired ambiance … read more here.  Blogger review here.

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note : this blog had photos attached from flickr and other sites, we would like attribute the author by posting their name and linking it back and its license.  As picture is worth a thousand words it is more effective to convey our city to our guests/visitors this coming national convention and the images used are not intended for commercial use.


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