What is it about Naga?

photography | Highlights Photo

“First of all Naga has a characteristic of expressing in various ways its sentiments of the moment in a continuing quest for meaningful politics and governance. This is the dynamic part of the Naga tradition which also has a conservative religious side. In its history of active citizen’s participation, the Naga citizen answers back to the politico. And there are many venues for such expression, including institutions like the “Jardin” in Plaza Rizal (Naga’s version of Hyde Park or Plaza Miranda), and “the freest press in the Philippines.”

Speech delivered by Mayor Jesse M. Robredo at the annual recognition ceremony of martyrs/heroes at the Bantayog Memorial Center, Quezon City on 12/2/2008 | Read full article here.

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note : this blog had photos attached from flickr and other sites, we would like attribute the author by posting their name and linking it back and its license.  As picture is worth a thousand words it is more effective to convey our city to our guests/visitors this coming national convention and the images used are not intended for commercial use.


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