About Naga City

photography | Bong Bajo

Naga City was named from the abundance of Narra Trees, Naga in Bikol. In the mid 1500’s, Naga was a flourishing village along the banks of the Naga River. For hundeds of years Naga City has been known for its history of trade, education, and strong catholic culture. Traslacion happens every 2nd Friday of September and this is the transfer of image of Divino Rostro and Peñafrancia which is called “Mahal na Ina”.   This shows the culture and the strong belief of the devotee especially the Nagueños and the Bicolanos.

The City of Naga (Bikol: Ciudad nin Naga, Maogmang Naga; Filipino: Lungsod ng Naga) is an independent component city in the Bicol Region of the Philippines. The town was established in 1575 on order of Spanish Governor-General Francisco de Sande, the city, then named Ciudad de Nueva Caceres (New Caceres City), earned its status as the third Spanish royal city in the Philippine islands, after Cebu and Manila.

Naga is nicknamed as the Heart of Bicol for its geographical location near the center of the Bicol Peninsula. The second largest city in the Bicol Region (Region V) in terms of population . The City is also known as the Queen City of Bicol. Residents of the city are called Nagueños.

Naga is also known as the premier city in Bicol.

The city is also the seat of the Metropolitan Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Caceres, whose jurisdiction includes all the suffragan sees of Bicol, the Dioceses of Daet, Legazpi, Libmanan, Masbate, Sorsogon, and Virac.

Moreover, the city is also the seat of the widely venerated Our Lady of Penafrancia. Dubbed as the “Queen and Patroness of Bikol”, the image is one of the most popular objects of devotion in the country.

Naga City is at the core of Metro Naga, an official designation given the city and 14 municipalities in the area administered by the Metro Naga Development Council. MNDC covers the entire 2nd district of the province of Camarines Sur, and part of its 1st, 3rd and 4th districts.

source | wikipedia

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note : this blog had photos attached from flickr and other sites, we would like attribute the author by posting their name and linking it back and its license.  As picture is worth a thousand words it is more effective to convey our city to our guests/visitors this coming national convention and the images used are not intended for commercial use.


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