About JCI Senate Philippines

“The TOFIL Award is a project of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Senate Philippines, in partnership with the Insular Life Assurance Co. Ltd. It seeks to give national recognition to Filipinos whose selfless dedication to their profession or vocation has resulted in significant contributions to the welfare of their countrymen and the country at large, as well as to the advancement of their respective fields of endeavor.”

photography | Gil Nartea/Malacañang Photo Bureau/PNA

Founded in 1952 in Melbourne, Australia, the JCI Senate is an international organization of men and women who have received special recognition from their local Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycee) chapters. Individuals who have been in the Jaycee organization for at least 5 years[2] and who have applied their leadership skills to growing and improving the organization may be awarded a Senatorship in Junior Chamber International (JCI), bearing a unique number. The award confers lifetime membership in JCI, although most National Organization Members and, in the United States, State Organization Members, require a member to pay dues to that organization in order to vote at meetings or to hold office.

Most countries around the world with a Junior Chamber of Commerce also have an affiliated JCI Senate organization.

The JCI Senate Philippines (Philippine Jaycee Senate) is an organization of Junior Chamber International (JCI) members who, in recognition of their outstanding achievements and contribution to the JCI movement, have been awarded lifetime membership as JCI Senators.

Joaquin V. Gonzales as a Jaycee, surpassed many young men who have contributed much to the Jaycee Movement. ‘Jake’, as he was fondly called, served as ‘voluntary’ Secretary General of Jaycees International (JCI) for the fiscal year 1950-1951. His services to Philippine Jaycees were all voluntary.

In 1951, three and a half years after the establishment of the first Jaycee chapter in Manila, he was elected the 3rd National President of the Philippine Jaycee (JCP). At that time, the JCP movement already had 30 Jaycee chapters throughout the country.

The job Jake did during his incumbency as National President of JCP was so exemplary that the delegates to the 3rd JCP National Convention held in Baguio City 1952 unanimously decided to amend the Constitution of the national organization to pave the way for his re-election.

After the JCP convention, Jake, a thoughtful family man, decided to rush home to comfort to his ailing wife, Lourdes dela Rama who was 5 months pregnant. He hastened to the Baguio Airport to catch a chartered PAL flight of Jaycees that was to take-off for Manila. A fellow Jaycee, Philip Monserrat, gladly gave up his seat to accommodate Jake.

The fateful moment came to Jake at exactly 10:30 Sunday morning, March 30, 1952. His Manila bound plane crash landed into a steel matting fence and burst into flames. Jake, along with eleven Jaycees and their wives perished and rest were severely wounded.

When Jaycees International Senate was launched in September 1952 at the 7th JCI World Congress in Melbourne, Australia, Jake was nominated posthumously by the Canadian delegation and became JCI Senator No. 1 in the world. (excerpts from Philippine Jaycee Senate Foundation)

During the Melbourne Congress, the first JCI Senatorship was awarded posthumously to Joaquin V. Gonzalez from the Philippines. JCI’s first voluntary secretary general Joaquin V. Gonzalez was killed in a plane crash while en route from a national convention. Senatorship number two was awarded to Phil Pugsley, and number three to John Armbruster, who was a charter member of the first Junior Chamber organization.

Filipino JCI Senator in the first 50 list of Senators worldwide:

1 Joaquin V. Gonzalez (Philippines)
16 Ruben C. Hernandez (Philippines)
17 Carlos Palanca. JR (Manila,Philippines)
18 Washington Sycip (Manila,Philippines)
19 Eugenio J. Puyat (Manila,Philippines)
20 Gaudencio B.Lontok (Philippines)
21 Graciano Borja (Philippines)
26 Ramon Del Rosario (Philippines)
27 P.E. Domingo (Manila,Philippines)
28 Alberto M. Meer (Manila,Philippines)
29 Lauro G. Marquez (Manila,Philippines)
30 Luis Maria Araneta (Philippines)
31 Juan S. Limjuco (Manila,Philippines)
41 Roberto Villanueva (Philippines)
42 Vicente B. Fernandez (Rizal Philippines)

For Thy bountiful provision of this food,
For the gift of human personality,
For the brotherhood of all men in Thee,
And the opportunity of a selfless Service,

…..We thank Thee O Lord.


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note : this blog had photos attached from flickr and other sites, we would like attribute the author by posting their name and linking it back and its license.  As picture is worth a thousand words it is more effective to convey our city to our guests/visitors this coming national convention and the images used are not intended for commercial use.


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