Plenary Session

Opening Plenary Session  | 10AM – 12NN
Order of Business

Opening Exercises
—–  JCI Prayer
—–  JCI Creed
—–  Philippine National Anthem

Call to Order [ National President ]
Certification of Quorum [ National SecGen ]
National Convention Report [ NatCon Director ]
—– National President
—– Executive Vice President
—– National Vice Presidents
———- North Luzon
———- Metro Manila
———- South Luzon
———- Visayas
———- Mindanao
—– Committee Chairmen
Recess/Lunch (12NN)


Closing Plenary Session | 2PM – 5PM
Order of Business

Ratification of all official Acts of the National Officers and the Board
New Resolution
2012 JCISP Presidential Award [  National President ]
Site Selection for 2014 National Convention
Other Matters


Election of the Board of Director | 5Pm – 6PM
Election Committee  [ ELECOM ]

Call to Order
Certification of Quorum
Briefing on Election Rules
Presentation of Candidates
Declaration of Members in Attendance and in Good Standing
Election and Canvassing
Proclamation of Directors and Auditor
Organizational Meeting of 2014 National Board


Presidential Ball | 7PM

Part I
National Anthem
Call to Order [ National President ]
JC Creed and Prayer
Acknowledgement of Delegates and Guests [ National SecGen ]
Opening Remarks [ NatCon Director ]
Awarding [ National President ]
Presentation of the 2014 Jaycee Senate [ Chairman, PJSF ]
Foundation Officers and Trustees
Presentation of the 2014 JCI Senate [ Chairman, ELECOM ]
Philippines  Officers and Directors
Introduction of the Guest Speaker
Speech of the Guest Speaker
Awarding of Plaque to the Guest Speaker [ National President ] [ Natcon Director ] [ Host Chapter President ]
Closing Remarks

Master of Ceremonies [ TBA ]


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